February 18, 2011

horrible, mania

horrible, horrid and horrific

While writing the previous post I was thinking of the above three words.

Is there any difference?
I looked up the dictionary.

Horrible and Horrid - extremely bad, unpleasant or rude. It seems that in a sentence you can replace one word with the other without affecting its meaning.

Horrific means extremely bad in a way that is frightening or upsetting. For example, his injuries are horrific. I think it gives a stronger feel - worse than horrible.

mania and maniac

A horror story I mentioned in the post below is The Oily Maniac. Maniac can mean a lunatic or it refers to someone who behaves in a stupid or dangerous way. So the Oily Man is dangerous just like a sex maniac or a religious maniac.

There is another Chinese horror show I watched - Corpse Mania. Mania means a strong desire for something or a craze. For example there is football mania during the World Cup season.

Corpse Mania? Doesn't it sound strange - people or a person having a craze for dead bodies?

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