November 13, 2011

琵琶行(全曲) - 鄧志駒, 曾慧

This is a full version of the song. It is 21 minutes long. Both singers are pupils of Sun Ma Si Zhen.


Linda said...

Hi Frannxis

Heard any news about CO performances in 2012?

A fan told me that there will be 2 nights performances of 蝶海情僧 (new opera from HK) at The Explanade in June.

Also KAPTF will bring in The Zhanjiang troupe to perform here in March. I wonder whether there will be any guest artistes.

Looking forward to more news from you.

fr said...

Thanks Linda,

I do not about these shows yet. Haha, I think your friends are more connected to the opera shows organizers.

If I get information I will put them up.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Frannxis

Thanks for the posting.

We managed to watch the full version eventually. All the previous postings of the same song by you were a part of this. Appreciate!

Another song I am yearning for the full version is HuBuGui, also by DengZhiJu performed in the same show in memorandum of his master.

Thanks again.