November 19, 2011

God helps those who help themselves

How to make millions from sales! Get the job you want!

These were two of the topics in positive thinking books I read long ago. I didn't make millions and I didn't get the job I wanted.

Not everyone can do what the writers say. Even if you follow the advice, it doesn't necessarily mean you will be successful. People have different personalities, temperaments and abilities.

Not long ago a successful person tell students that getting 'As' is not important but creative thinking is. I guess the speaker is one of those who became successful this way.

Getting 'As' may not be important but getting 'As' is better than not getting. And thinking won't help you much if you are lazy.

There is a practical handbook which I find quite helpful. I have written a post about it last year.

For example, it would say something like this ...

If you have a problem, don't just ask God for help and then just sit down and hope for a miracle to happen. Miracles very rarely happen this way. God helps those who help themselves. God has put on Earth people and resources to help you. He works miracles through them.

So, if it is a medical problem, go and see a doctor. Take the first step and He will guide you along.

Meanwhile, have faith in your prayers.

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