November 10, 2011

Still Can Use

Still Can Use - That is the name of a shop at the Chinatown Complex in Smith Street. It sells old things. I think it was opened only recently. There are old Chinese movie magazines, black and white photos of old movie stars, posters, CDs and even old records - those black round flat discs that can only be played with old record players with a needle. Maybe the shop sells these old players too. (I forgot what you call these discs or the old players.)

This is the view of the centre from Keong Siak Road. The shop, No. 133, is on the ground floor.


Linda said...

Did you go in and find any treasure.

I used to have quite a collection of these magazines, including the one with Yum Kim Fai and Pak Shit Sin shown on this page. Maybe I should have kept them.

fr said...

I browsed through only some of the things. Didn't buy anything.

I think many people who had the old magazines discarded them when they moved house.

mimi said...

while i have discarded all other records,i am still hanging on to my cantonese opera records and the gramaphone.

Lam Chun See said...

I think the record players are called turntables.