January 07, 2012

Habits and routine

I used to use dental floss to clean my teeth before bedtime. Not doing it made me feel as if something was not right. During a holiday abroad I suspended the habit for about a fortnight. After that I felt OK without flossing my teeth. So now I have dropped the habit.

Human beings are creatures of habits. This was said by the famous detective Sherlock Holmes who could deduce a criminal's habits by observing clues at the crime scene. The writer of these SH stories must be an astute observer of human behaviour.

Maybe about 80% of what we do everyday and how we do things are a result of our habits and they have become routine.

But habits can change or be stopped if we have the determination.
You hear people say 'I cannot do without this or that, like car, maid, computer, .... ' But I believe people will adapt and will have to do without these things when circumstances force them to. After some time they could develop new habits.


Linda said...

Using dental floss to clean teeth is a good habit that should not be stopped if possible, because brushing teeth alone is not so effective. This is the advice from dentists.

Giving up a car, maid etc is no big deal and even be good for one's health as walking and doing housework is beneficial for one's health.

Anonymous said...

i can't imagine u can stop flossing
your teeth. It's basic hygiene.
Nothing to do with habit

Lam Chun See said...

Sometimes we have no choice. Ma sei lok tei hung . But if it is a good habit, and there is no good reason, why do you want to drop it?