January 11, 2012

opera and toothpick

Last week I saw the Cantonese opera Tragedy of an Emperor by Chinese Theatre Circle. It is a new version. Many years back I also watched the older version of the same opera by Chinese Theatre Circle. My view is that the old version is better than the new version. I feel that the new version is rather dull. A few of the artistes doing supporting or stand-around roles also looked bored.

My preference is still the traditional version which has more opera flavour and its theme songs are more melodious.

I have been using these special toothpicks for some time. It is a toothpick but there are bristles at one end to help you remove food particles between the gaps of the teeth. I find them effective. Compared to dental floss, it is more convenient and less messy.


bayi said...

Floss sticks work better.

Anonymous said...

where did you find those? I want to buy but can't find those.