January 09, 2013


I used to say 'blink your eyes'. Actually just blink is enough because blink means close and open your eyes quickly. Anyway, you can blink only your eyes, you cannot blink any other thing. However, I think saying blink your eyes is also not wrong.

I think most of us blink both eyes together. But some people can just blink one eye. Some can blink the left eye, some the right eye and some can blink the left eye or the right eye. A blink is not the same as a wink.

Last week I read two articles which said being slightly overweight is not a bad thing, even better than having the recommended weight. Actually I don't mind a little overweight, I only don't like a bulging tummy. But my friend said 'you look more like a boss with some stomach, most bosses have some stomach'. 

Well, I have only targeted to reduce the waist  a little; I didn't target to have a flat tummy.

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