May 21, 2006


This morning I was at a Shop and Save supermarket. I was looking at some fruits when a pretty girl appeared at my side. She offerred me a small packet of mini crackers and said something like 'try'. I thought she asked me to buy so I said 'don't want'.

I think I said too soon. Next moment she said free one. Then I noticed she was carrying a basket with packets of the crackers on one arm. Oh, free I said and took the packet.

Felt quite embarrassed - said don't want; now free, want. Forgot to thank her.

But if I didn't take it she would think I was acting.

Better let her think I'm a greedy Singaporean than a hypocrite.

The word free is very appealing.

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Victor said...

What is there to be ashamed of, Frannxis? One of the motto of a typical Singaporean (including me) is "Anything free I also want".