May 08, 2006

Idle thoughts

Can’t resist writing something about the elections again.

If I were in Potong Pasir, I would likely vote for Chiam even if I supported PAP. I’m not Kong Meng ( a highly-respected military strategist in ancient China), but on hindsight I think the PAP used the wrong strategy. If they had not used extra tactics or offered juicy carrots, I think Chiam would win with less votes.

I think the best thing is a ‘win-win’ strategy so that even if Chiam loses the seat he won’t lose face or respect. Otherwise, just leave him alone until he retires and someone from his party takes over. Anyway he is good man.

Reading the views of some diehard fans of the oppositions gives the impression that we are a fearful and oppressed lot. We fear voting for the oppositions. We fear speaking up because we will be faced with defamation suits. We have to lower our voices and look behind our shoulders when we criticize the government. They will tell you to look at America or Taiwan.

I don’t believe that one type of democracy fits all. I also don’t believe that you can say anything to defame others or stir up racial or religious unrest.


Anonymous said...

hmmm.... i think we have to be fair to PAP also. xj

Kongming said...

aiya... y my nick been used again... can u use ppl like mao zedong?

i think Mr Chiam is a quite good MP. Compared to other oppositions, i respect him and Hougang's Mr Low