June 23, 2006

Backstage snapshots

The main artistes of the Zhanjiang Cantonese Opera Troupe

This is the lead female artiste, Mak Mun Kit. She was walking to the washroom. When she saw me wanting to take her, she stopped and smiled. So nice of her. Another Lin Xiu Zhen.

She with some fans

Mak Mun Kit and the lead male artiste Leung Siu Meng

Siu Meng with his personal assistant

Siu Meng again

Ling Fei, one of the senior artistes playing elderly roles

Wun Yook, another senior artiste

The lady walking away is Cheung Wah, also a senior artiste.


Anonymous said...

they allow u into the backstage?

frannxis said...

they don't stop people going up... about 10 min or so before the show starts someone tells visitors to leave.

amai said...

ic...for us, our leader strictly doesn't allow anybody to step into the backstage at all times. That y piano_lov3r asked such a question. (LOL)

frannxis said...

Last year a HK Troupe came, also no entry..there was a guard at the door.

As for China troupes, my thinking is that if they don't want people to come during certain times, the door will be closed

A.C. said...

I drop this comment because I saw the name Lin Xiuzhen.. Hee...