June 26, 2006

Maids and Soldiers

Cantonese opera fans would know Leung Siu Meng and Mak Mun Kit, lead artistes of the Zhanjiang CO Troupe. But ZJ also has a supporting cast of youthful versatile artistes who play secondary roles (characters of less importance) and other supporting roles (maids, soldiers, dancers, bandits, etc). They add zest and vigour to the show. They sometimes do take lead roles in operas or opera excerpts.

Here are some pictures of these artistes. These photos, except one, were taken backstage.

Men also yak, yak, yak… about hair-pieces?

A picture of calmness. This is Ng Kim Meng, the second sheng, but he is just an imperial guard in this show.

A handsome scholar


This is Lum Teng, the second dan. Tonight she is only a maid.

This 'dao ma dan' is Mok Yin Wun, all ready for battle.

Another 'dao ma dan', Leong Yin Har

Another lovely maid…”Pray people will notice the beautiful pink shoes I’m wearing.”

A pretty female warrior. I find that many of the dans here are pretty.

…thinking whether to add a 'butterfly'?

Everything must be correct


A.C. said...

Hmm... I don't know why local Cantonese "maids" just can't look as good as HK "maids"... the way local "maids" do their hair is real ugly!

Anonymous said...

i think u are very influenced by xiujuan haha..

what is the mean age of the artistes do you know?

A.C. said...

Hey, I don't mean the hair accessories la.. it's the way they wear those bun and fake hair pieces, which I think look very fake.

fr said...

Actually I was quite amused by their interest in these things - butterflies, hairpieces, fans, pink shoes...

When they came in 2000, their median age was 22. This lead male Leung Siu Meng was 23. That time the lead female was a different one. This present one is younger.

The median age was not announced this time.

fr said...

The above comment is in reply to Piano Lover.

A.C. said...

They're pretty young! Leung is already a lead at 23? I think he looks quite good.

Victor said...

Frannxis, I am impressed... that you are allowed into the backstage. You must either have the connections or... did you bribe your way in? :)

Miko said...

hee hee.. lovely pics.. U said that the dans are pretty but I think that the shengs are also handsome! How can u forget that.. oh dear.. Hee hee.. aiyah got handsome shengs must intro me mah.. :P

A.C. said...

I think Frannxis dressed up like a stage prop and sneaked in.. hee.. =P

fr said...

MK: actually there are more shengs than dans and several are young and handsome

A.C. & Victor : hahaha...these troupe are friendly people, when they saw me taking someone they would lower their bodies when they walked past me

then once I asked a man who was the dan making up in a room, he walked near to look and make sure and came back to tell me

On the last night some 'ang moh' went backstage and asked some artistes to pose for them, they obliged although they were quite busy.