June 28, 2006


This was the last show by the Zhanjiang CO Troupe on 26 June 2006. It was a simple story but entertaining and well-performed. In all it was a good show. The main characters - a handsome man, a pretty girl, a fairy and a sea demon.

From left:- the Fairy (Lum Teng), the Lovers (Leung Siu Meng & Mak Mun Kit) and the Demon (Leong Siew Fei)

Leung Siew Meng is at the second row. On his right is Lum Teng, the second dan. Next to her is Ng Kim Meng, the second sheng (not in costume). Mak Mun Kit is at the other end. The eight pretty girls in front are dancers in the show. The kids are from their Kids' Troupe. They only performed a few excerpts on Sunday.


A.C. said...

I realised that Zhanjiang troupe has performed the show "The PEarl Pagoda" before. Have you watched it? I heard it had won awards!

fr said...

I watched The Pearl Pagoda; it is also a good show. I think it was only the second time I saw this.

Someone said it was from a Teochew opera, I think it was also perfromed in Xiangju.