June 21, 2006

Hong Kong's Temple Street by Night

There are rows and rows of stalls and shops selling a variety of things from clothings, vcds to knives and torchlights. Other attractions :

Poor people's restaurant, always crowded at night

Some of the food, we dared not eat the clams which were very big. Imagine sinking your teeth into the flesh of the clams which are still half-alive. They would scream!!!

Food street

Another stall

This road has all sorts of fortune-telling stalls.

The stalls on the other side of the same road. The dimness makes them look more mysterious.

These lounges are mostly patronized by older people. The singers usually sing cantonese operatic songs. They charge about HK$20/head. You can order drinks including beer. These are not the sleazy kind of lounges.

Another one

This is not Temple Street. This is the Airport. See the heavily-armed policemen.


amai said...

Wow!!!! The Street Food seems nice!!!Makes my mouth starts to water!!!

Anonymous said...

did you eat the sha bo fan?

woah you remind me of my hong kong trip again..

where did u go in hk??

fr said...

hello piano lover, we ate the seafood, didn't try the sha bo fan

we went to Tsimshathui area where you can take the ferry tour, Wanchai - the business district, Causewaybay - one of the shopping areas........but not the tourists sites as we have visited them during previous visits. I also watched a cantonese opera, my friend was not interested.

Anonymous said...

eh sama sama ha..but we missed the junkboat ride wor..by a few minutes.. we ran and ran and saw it leaving..so sad..

next time I'm going to visit the factory outlets..

Victor said...

Your first photo reminds me of one of the food stalls that used to occupy the site vacated by Gay World (in Geylang) about 10 years ago.