September 24, 2006

Free advice

There is a cute cashier at this Fairprice supermarket nearby.

One time I was buying oranges and I was coughing.
“Cough, don’t eat oranges,” she said, like a teacher giving instructions to her pupils.
“Or,” I said.
“Chicken also don’t eat,” she added.
“Okay,” I said.

Another time I bought two bottles of milk.
“Buy bigger bottle cheaper you know,” she said, like a mother advising her daughter-in-law.
“Next time,” I said.

On another occasion my total purchase was just short of $20.
“Buy one more thing lah, $20 then got points,” she said, like a credit card officer from the bank persuading people to spend more.
“Never mind,” I said. .

I visit there quite regularly.


Victor said...

Let me guess, Frannxis. The reason that you visit there quite regularly must be - she's cute and not becauses she dishes out free advice?

Kongming said...

got ask wat she did last time? sali she was a credit card promoter cum teacher who is now a mother

fr said...

Vic, I go to buy things like bread and fruits. Anyway it along the way if I go to the bank, the hawker centre.

KM, she not full-time, ya she is a married lady, probably mother also.