March 13, 2007


I was thinking of going to the IT show to look at some cameras. But then the news said thousands of people were thronging the place. So I didn’t go.

I have not bought any digital camera myself. The one I have was given by Starhub together with a 3-in-1 printer when I renewed my subscription. That was 3 or 4 years ago. This camera has 2 main disadvantages – the battery runs out fast and there is no ‘anti-shake’ software.

Nowadays I seldom use this camera. Most of the recent pictures you see in this blog were taken with my handphone.

For example, this one:
This one was taken with my MP3 player. But it is spoilt now because I dropped it into a drain.


Victor said...

Actually, photos taken by handphone cameras are good enough for uploading into a blog. But what is lacking in most handphone cameras is a flash to light up dark subjects.

Even 1.3 MP cameras are good enough for web photos. I normally use Photoshop to downsize my high-res photos (of ~2Mb file size) to 640x480 pixel image size (of <100kb file size) before uploading them into my blog.

Anonymous said...

Right! my hp got 3.2 and flash, so should be good enough for most purpose.