March 11, 2007

Good and cheap

This evening I was waiting at a car park. Suddenly a van drove up beside me. The driver asked me for directions to the food center nearby. I told him the way. Then all of a sudden he asked me if I wanted some good quality sound equipment…very cheap he said.

I told him I was not interested but he kept on babbling away. Finally I said ‘told you not interested already; even you give me free I also don’t want’. That did it; he drove away without another word.

Then I remember last November or December a boy and a girl came to my flat to sell something (can’t remember what). The boy said they needed money to buy textbooks. I looked at them for a moment and said ‘you tell me your school, I ask your school to help you’. Apparently they didn’t like my idea; so they walked away.

From what I can remember,
Last year a woman came to sell key-chains, said she lost her job; a man came to ask for donations, said he got many illnesses; and recently two men came to offer me red packets with 4-D numbers inside for $2.


Kongming said...

they said the supplier loaded extra into their van?

fr said...

actually i was not paying attention....but he mentioned something like don't want to take the equipment back.

Victor said...

I think my good friend and colleague Chris had a similar experience some time last year. I don't think he blogged about it though.

I am also quite selective when helping such 'people in need'. But I think that the blind man whom I helped (described in the last paragraph of this post) was a genuine case.

Lam Chun See said...

I encountered this type of sound equipment salesmen twice. Once at carpark near Sim Lim Tower. Another at carpark near Ayer Rajah food centre. From the sound of their Mandarin, sounds like Malaysians.