May 23, 2007


I was reading this book about the history of cantonese opera in Singapore between 1965 and 1983. There are a few old newspaper advertisements and posters in the book.

This advert below you have to read the chinese characters from right to left. In 1968 these two superstars came to Singapore to make special appearances in conjunction with the screening of their epic production Li Hou Zhu.

You can learn some history of Singapore too. At that time Mr S. Rajaratnam was the foreign minister as well as the minister for labour. (Now it is called manpower.) The show on the first night was to raise money for a 'defense fund'. Remember, we just started NS a year before then.

This picture shows two of our well-known personalities in cantonese opera. The actress on the left poster is Chee Kin Fen, leader of the Tung On Wui Kun Cantonese Opera Troupe. I don't know about the sheng next to her. The actress on the right poster is Joanna Wong, artistic director of Chinese Theatre Circle. At that time she was with Kong Chow Wui Kun. (Beside her is a female sheng from Hong Kong.) Joanna Wong had her 'Golden Jubilee in cantonese opera' show 3 years ago. So, you see, these two artistes have been involved in cantonese opera for half a century - from learning opera to performing, then to teaching and promoting opera.


Anonymous said...

Hi Frannxis,

The shen beside Joanne Wong is Ng Yim Hoong - sometimes she comes to S'pore to stay with her children


Victor said...

I can only remember Joanna Wong, both as an opera artiste as well as (Asst?) Registrar of the University of Singapore.

Lam Chun See said...

Frannxis. Can pls provide title of book. Is it available in NLB?

Anonymous said...

It is called "新加坡粵劇歷史篇 1965 to 1983". The book is in Chinese. It is mainly a collection of cantonese opera performances during that period (foreign and local including opera shows on tv).

I don't know if it is available in NLB. I bought the book at a bookshop in North Bridge Road (opp Bras Basah Complex).