May 24, 2007


Another interesting fact from the book:

In 1975, between April and August, Chor Fung Meng Cantonese Opera Troupe (雛鳳鳴劇團) came to Singapore twice and put up a total of 66 days performance at the Kreta Ayer People's Theatre. Leading artistes were the five phoenixes with Long Kim Sung (龍劍笙) as the lead sheng.

They did it again in 1976 - between July and November, they came twice again and performed for 73 days.

Fantastic, right. Nowadays foreign troupes come here to perform between one week to two weeks only.

This was a 'thank you ad' by KAPT and CFM Troupe to thank supporters and fans.

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Anonymous said...

wow, Frannxis, how I envy you with your collection of 'oldies'. I remembered when the troupe came to perform I was in my early secondary days. We were crazy over them so together with my schoolmates, we even visit them at their hotel.