October 15, 2007

Mundane stuff

It was a routine weekday. I stopped at a pedestrian crossing at Bendemeer Road. People were crossing the road, going about their daily routine - kids, housewives, workers..... Suddenly I thought of taking a picture of them. When I got my hp camera ready, most have already crossed the road. I only managed to capture the last few people. See the contrasting styles of these two last persons, one marching, the other strolling...

Routine is monotonous. But from a positive angle, routine gives people a sense of comfort and security. You know tonight you will be watching your favourite tv programme. Tomorrow your job is still there. People may be quite glad of their routine but once in a while they want to do different things or do things differently or they need some excitement to add zest to their lives.

Some of you may have read the adventures of the great fictitious detective, Sherlock Holmes. He made many deductions and formed many of his theories based on the fact that people have routines and habits. Once he remarked to his trusted assistant, "My dear Watson, human beings are creatures of routine."

The author of these Sherlock Holmes stories is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Notice my new blog header? It got emotions and motion. The 4 artistes represent the 4 popular characters in Chinese opera - hero, beauty, scholar, maiden (英雄美人,才子佳人).


Victor said...

Not only was the last person strolling casually, it looks like she was talking on her mobile phone as well. I can't stand or understand the attitude of such pedestrians, especially when I am the driver waiting for them to cross the road.

Lam Chun See said...

I thot your banner looked a bit different. Very nice. Must try something like this one of these days (procastinating as usual).