October 31, 2007

Sell what

This shop at Aljunied Road, near Geylang Road, has changed owners several times already, selling different foods each time. Once it was chicken rice, the only one I remember. I think the location is no good.

About a week ago I noticed this new name. Quite a queer name. Yesterday when I passed by and took this picture, it is still not open yet. Just wondering what they are selling this time.
Vietnamese food? Or is it just a kopitiam. Anyone like to make a guess.

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Victor said...

Pisang Raja goreng? (Malay for "fried bananas of the king-sized Raja variety".)

I once saw a coffeeshop named "留口水" (drooling) in Joo Chiat area, Ithink. It didn't survive either. I think customers' appetites were spoilt when they imagined the cooks and the coffeshop assistants drooling saliva while serving them.