November 30, 2007

广州粤剧团 - 豪门千金

For the Heiress’ Hand, 25 November 2007

This story is adapted from Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. You might have read this in your Literature lessons in school. Remember the loan shark Shylock wanted to cut off a pound of flesh from his enemy, a merchant who couldn’t repay his debt on time.

I almost forgot how the lawyer argued and won the case for the merchant. Halfway into the show I remembered – he must cut exactly one pound, not more or less and the man must not shed any blood.

I feel the show is more of a play than an opera. Fans who are pure traditionalists will not like this. I won’t say it is very good but it is watchable and enjoyable. But I prefer the other new-style opera Hua Yue Ying. In many aspects It is much better.


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