January 04, 2008


Many of us have written composition on this topic when we were in school. At that time we did not really know what we wanted or know much about the occupations. I think most of us chose a noble profession, teaching for example, or something that was easy to write.

According to the zodiac horoscope, people under the same sign as I am can be good teachers, explorers and.....bra, bra, bra.

I am thinking of 2 jobs I won't be good at.

1. Politician

I won't be able to put on a smiling face all the time, especially with unreasonable people. I can't stand people coming late for my functions and wearing slippers, or people talk when I am speaking.

In this respect, my MP is very good. He doesn't mind they are late and listens patiently to their complaints with a placid face.

I think some people just want people to listen to their complaints. You only have to listen to them and nod your head at times and they will be satisfied.

2. Accountant
Sometimes I don't even understand my own bills. I am also not sure whether an item is credit or debit and I can't make the 2 sides in the 'balance sheet' equal.

Haha, I think accountants must be very balanced people.
They don't feel very very happy or very very sad. They don't over-spend or over-save.


2 quiz questions for you to try, if you have not heard them before. These quiz questions are from Chinese shows I watched. I translated them into English but you must think in Chinese.

1. What horse (ma) no one would ride and which is served by a lot of people?

2. How come the fishballs and the prawns don't talk to each other in the steamboat?


Anonymous said...

2.魚丸浮水面,蝦彎曲了身並沉水底,therefore cannot talk to each other.


Anonymous said...

Haha, very rational thinking but incorrect. The first answer I also thought like you at first.

1. It is not a horse. The answer is prince consort - Fu Ma, 駙馬.

2. you have to think of a chinese word with 2 different meanings but same sound

Victor said...

I know accountants to be very careful with their money. They won't take a treat from you but neither would they treat you. If they ever pay for you, they will have to collect the correct amount due from you later. If not, their accounts can't balance.