January 07, 2008


I'm not very interested in ministers' sex scandals. But this one by a Malaysian minister has the ingredients of a good political thriller. To make it more exciting, we can involve foreign hostile elements out to blackmail him to obtain state secrets. Get the spy agencies in the US, China and Iran involved too. Link it to terrorism as well. And you have a super thriller!.

A bit about the scandal. Whether it was an entrapment or not is one thing and whether he should resign is another issue. Even if it was an entrapment, it doesn't make him less guilty, for example, of being unfaithful to his wife.

My view is that a minister involved in sexual misconduct should resign. Likewise, we also don't want to see our ministers frequenting casinos or getting drunk at parties or karaoke sessions.

It is not that we are holier or we expect ministers to be saints. These may be small things, personal weaknesses you say. But a person holding high office in Government should have a good image. If not people will not respect him and how can he give advice to his fellow citizens or face ministers from other countries.
Being a minister, he is also involved in policy-making. Will these small things affect his thinking. Then, doesn't these things also reflect personal values and lack of self-discipline.

A wife could accept her husband's apologies but she might not forgive him so readily and surely, she will not forget.

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Victor said...

The first para shows that you would make a very creative director. Must have come from years of watching so many operas and old Cantonese movies.

Anonymous said...

No, from reading books.