January 11, 2008

Hua dan quiz

See the dans (in cantonese opera) below..... I've distorted or camouflaged the photos a bit. Can you recognize them? The HK and China dans are well-known artistes. If you often watch local shows, you would know the Singapore dans. The photos were quite recent. All were taken within the last two years, not 10 or 20 years ago. One was taken in HK and rest in Singapore.

1. HK dan

2. HK

3. China
4. China

5. Singapore

6. Singapore


Purple lover said...

hahas, um... I'll make a guess:

1.Nam Fong
2.Chan Wing Yee
3.Mak Mun Kit
4.Jiong Mun Duen
6.Wu Poh Yin??

Anonymous said...

good try, three correct..haha, Passed!