April 24, 2008

How to be an expert

A man was sitting next to a group of women who were indulging in their favourite pastime - idle gossip. The man was a little annoyed with their incessant talking. Later their topic was about birds which the man had a little knowledge. So, occasionally he intervened to make comments.

Some of the things he said about birds were true but others were his own inventions. He sounded very knowledgeable and the women believed him. He became bolder and talked more nonsense. The women began to regard him as an expert on birds.....

Hahaha, you see, if you are bold enough and the others are not knowledgeable enough, you can pretend to be an expert in almost anything.

Do you remember my other post about a simple dim-witted gardener who was mistaken by a media reporter to be an eminent economist.

These stories are quite fun to read.

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