April 29, 2008

New magazine

New cantonese opera magazine. Real one, not my creation. (Picture taken from MSN Opera Forum, link on the right).

About the Quiz in the previous post
You need to know something about the story Journey to the West. Here goes....

Monkey King and Bull Demon King were sworn brothers. BDK was the husband of Iron Fan Princess. They had a kid called the Red Child who was very mischievous and caused a lot of troubles. MK had to fight with the Child to stop him causing troubles. He captured the Child and the Goddess of Mercy took him away for punishment. Because of this, BDK and his wife hated MK.

By the way MK can do 72 transformations.

Answer to the quiz
Monkey King transformed himself into Bull Demon King and conned his wife Iron Fan Princess to give him the Fan.

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