April 10, 2008

Old things

There are some old things I would have forgotten about if I had not read about them again in Laokokok's blog, Times of My Life - things like blotting paper, old paper bags, old school textbook books, Hero pen and ink and others. It is quite amazing the collection of old things he has.

So I rummaged through my cupboard and flipped through some dusty albums to see if I still got any old things not thrown away yet.

Nothing of interest.....anyway just show you an old bus ticket and an old book.

No, I don't collect bus tickets, I just have a few with some nice numbers. This picture shows you both sides of the ticket. No idea what year it was. By the way, the number 8 lying down looks like the symbol for infinity in mathematics which is also a good sign - abundance of wealth and fortune and longevity.

This is one of the few old books I still keep because it had helped me a lot. Hee hee, you see, I'm a grateful person. It is a useful little book with good explanations followed by lots of exercises to reinforce what you have learned. It was also cheap. In case you don't know, calculus is a topic in Pure Maths, a subject I took in Pre-U.

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