June 21, 2008

Photos of Wuchuan COT artistes

You know, some opera fans are crazy about taking photos. They swarm over the few lead artistes during intervals and after the shows and pose with them one after another.

I only took a few random shots ...

Lead huadan Chen Shi Min
陈诗敏 ( I didn't manage to take the other lead huadan.)

Lead xiao sheng Zheng Yong Jian 郑永健

Xiao sheng Lin Tian Yongi 林 田 勇

Pretty huadan Zheng Cui Feng 郑翠凤 doing multi roles

Handsome multi-role xiao sheng Feng Ze Jun 冯泽君. He is an emperor here.

Handsome soldiers


Anonymous said...

In Cantonese opera, the leading male artiste is known as "wen wu sheng". "xiao sheng" refers to the second or third leading male artises. Some "wen wu sheng" may feel offended if people refer them as "xiao sheng".

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I thought xiao sheng already encompass both wen and wu.

Anonymous said...

You are welcomed.

I admire your enthusiasm for Cantonese opera and thanks for uploading so many clips to Youtube for our enjoyment.

I am one of those who read your blog everyday and I depend on your updates to check for performances. The info helps me to get good seats as early as possible.

You are doing a great job. Do keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your support. There are other shows I am not aware of.