September 10, 2009

Free the son 二堂放子

This is another old post brought forward. The first 3 comments are old ones.

There are 4 excerpts in this video ...

The clip I'm posting here is Free The Son, an excerpt from the famous opera The Magic Lantern, 宝莲灯. The two leading artistes were 白駒荣 and 郎筠玉.

Two brothers had a fight with the arrogant son of the evil 'tai shi'. The son died. The Minister demanded that the father sent the brothers over for punishment. After much deliberations with his wife, they decided to send the younger son and free the older one.

The girl acting the older brother 沉香 is 小木兰.

名伶名剧 - 二堂放子


Lion City said...

The lead actor is the famous (as you,ve said) Bak Kui Weng. He is the principal of Canton Opera School and is the father of Bak Sui Sin and if i am not mistaken, he is alreadly blind when he acted in this, though the video is too old to show that he is totally blind.

A very good tape of the old cantonese opera genre of the 40s/50s.

thank you

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the information with us. I only know he is the father of Bak Suet Sin.

Anonymous said...

i heard another version by Mak Peng Weng as the dad, Mun C S &
Leong Hon Wai were the sons, a very moving & emotional song. I liked it a lot.