September 12, 2009

On the road

This is Guillemard Village at Guillemard Road. Do you know what building this was about a year or two ago?

Two days ago I stopped at a traffic junction at Paya Lebar Road. On my left was this sports car. Look at its window, so dark, can't even see the silhouette of the driver.

See the shaded triangle at the middle of the road. Some drivers avoid going over the triangle as if they are scared of violating some rule. I think it is okay to drive over the triangle. It is facing the Macpherson ITE. You can see two gates at the ITE building, one is the entrance and the other is the exit. Outside the exit is a yellow box. Does anyone know the purpose of the shaded triangle?


Victor said...

You are not supposed to drive on the shaded portion (otherwise known as "chevron markings" or "traffic island"). Avoid it at all costs when you see Uncle Sam around. Hope you were not spotted that day. Haha.

Its purpose in this case is to introduce an extra lane gradually. You also see chevron markings wherever a filter road joins the expressway. It is like "double white lines" but in this case the area is much wider so "double white lines" won't do here.

fr said...

Vic, thanks for your advice. Actually I use this road almost every day and most of the time I cross part of the triangle.

Lam Chun See said...

Is that the former Spore Badminton Hall?

fr said...

Yes, it is.