September 20, 2009

Where to buy Cantonese opera CDs

Cantonese operatic songs CDs and Cantonese opera CDs

Cantonese operatic songs CDs are those with one or more songs (can be from same or different operas) in one disc. Cantonese opera CDs are those which have audio recording of one whole opera from beginning to end on two or more discs. The total time can be more than 3 hours. Ti Nu Hua is one such opera on CDs.

Here are two shops which sell them:

The first shop (see first picture below) is at Basement 1, People's Park Centre. It has a wide range - quite recent titles as well as those which are 10, 20 years old or even older. There are many songs and artistes I haven't even heard of. It even sells audio tapes of these old songs.

There are also those in Teochew and a few other Chinese dialects.

Another one is at Level 1, Chinatown Point. Chinatown Point and People's Park Centre are linked by an overheard bridge which spans New Bridge Road. However, at this shop the range of titles is quite limited. There are more VCDs.

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