August 14, 2008


This afternoon I went to an ATM to take out some cash. After the money came out, the transaction slip came out too. I put both into my wallet and left.

At home when I looked at the slip, I got a big shock. I had only $14.76 left in the bank. What happened? I remember I have much more. I thought of people stealing your password and transferring your money away. I was thinking whether to go to the bank right away when I noticed that the account number on the slip looked unfamiliar. I checked my passbook.

The account was not mine. But how come I got that receipt. There was no slip of paper sticking out of the slot before I took out my money. It should belong to the person who came before me. So, likely the person after me would get my slip.

What a scare!

I think this weekend I will invest $2 on 1476. Hee hee ... coincidences do happen, you know.


Victor said...

Maybe you forgot to choose the "with receipt" option and the previous customer forgot to take his receipt?

Trust me, the banks really don't want you to lose your money. Read my pleasant experience with one of them.

Anonymous said...

I did press a button for receipt but possible that I pressed the wrong button accidentally as there were 3 buttons.

Victor said...

Just remember to check the 4D results for 1476... and double-check that you have checked the correct draw hor. Haha.

Wish you best of luck.