August 23, 2008


One night last week there was a religious function at the ground floor of a block nearby. They was a small gathering and there were two or three tables and food. The next morning I saw this rubbish stacked near the rubbish dump.

See the tray of food ... what a waste, isn't it? Quite sinful too. I wonder why couldn't they ask the guests take the food away or keep it for the next day. You know, the first thought that came to my mind - Some people really don't need the Government's help package.

At a supermarket in Marine Parade. Isn't it irresponsible to let a kid, quite a big one here, sit in a trolley. It could cause injuries to himself and others and damages to things if the trolley topples. A young girl was pushing the trolley, could be his sister or maid. How do you think the big kid got into the trolley?


Anonymous said...

Recently I saw something much worse at the check out counter of The Cold Storage supermart, Great World City.

Two young women was pushing a trolley with a woman (in her twenties) sitting on it. She was dressed in a T shirt and shorts and sitting in the trolley with her shoes on. They were giggling and enjoying the looks of spectators while waiting for their turn to pay. When they made their payment, the cashier did not even dare to pass any comments. I saw her being pushed all the way towards the escalator.

Nowadays, when I shop at supermarkets, I make sure that I line newspapers on the trolley.

Anonymous said...

Thank for sharing your experience with us.

So far I've not seen an adult sitting in a trolley yet. Haha, if I do see one, I'm not sure if I want to be busybody or not.