August 16, 2008


Tell you an interesting coincidence that happened many years ago.

One day I parked my car at a narrow two-way road with parking lots on one side. The car in front of mine was parked in the wrong direction, that means the two cars faced each other head to head. This is nothing unusual. The interesting thing was that our 4-digit numbers were exactly the same.

Now, I think there must be more than a hundred cars with one same numerical number. But how often do you see two such cars at the same time, whether on the road or parked next to each other in the car park. Rarely, right? Because the probability of two such cars to be at the same place at the same time on the same day is very low.

Not the end yet. More exciting things to come.

The following weekend, the God of Fortune came to give me money. Hahaha, you see, my car number was the top prize in the Saturday 4-D draw. Wow! A double coincidence within a few days. I had only placed a $1 bet but I was very happy. It was the only one time I got a first-prize windfall.

So far nothing as dramatic as that happened again.


Victor said...

Recently, I saw on TV news that 3 cars bearing the same numbers collided together in a road tunnel in Taiwan, I think. Now what is the chance of that happening?

Anonymous said...

Very rare, indeed. But that is surely an unlucky number.