August 11, 2008

Erratic behaviour

Recently my computer behaving quite erratically:
once or twice the screen went blank, then it said 'no signal' and shut down,

sometimes it takes quite a long time to respond to a click.

Haha, maybe it wants to retire. Anyway, if you see no post for more than a week, it means the computer is on leave.

Another thing: when I use the Windows Movie Maker, this message comes up 'Windows Movie Maker has encountered a problem and needs to close'. Anyone knows how to fix the problem?


Victor said...

What a coincidence! Lately, my PC is also rebooting itself. Sometimes it happens a few times a night and yet on some nights, it does not happen at all. (My PC is less than 3 years old.)

I read on the Internet that it could be due to a lot of reasons - virus, overheating (faulty fan), CPU problem, hard disk problem, motherboard problem, memory problem, corrupted software, etc.

For your Windows movie maker, if you have the installation CD, I suggest that you try uninstalling the program and then reinstalling it again. Hopefully the problem goes away.

Anonymous said...

Mine is more than 5 years old, repaired once.

The WMM is part of a Microsoft software pack. I'm not sure if can uninstall and install just the WMM.

Haha, Vic, from your posts and comments I think you are very observant, diligent and meticulous.

Victor said...

>from your posts and comments I think you are very observant, diligent and meticulous.

That statement looks like one coming out of my primary school report book, except that the ones I used to get were not so kind. :)

Victor said...

Frannxis, I uninstalled some programs which I never use (including one for a webcam) as well as disabled the automatic restart function (see here for instructions for Win XP which I believe is the OS you are using). Then I went to the PC website (for me, it's a Compaq Presario SR1730AP) and updated the BIOS as well as the video driver (2 updates).

Voila! The problem of auto-reboot disappeared. You should try it too.

(Also check your cable connection from PC to monitor.)

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, Vic. I'll take note of these.

I'll leave it alone for the moment. I'm comprehensive that I might mess up things and later find that certain softwares cannot work.

Victor said...

Apprehensive you mean? Not comprehensive. Haha.

Anonymous said...

Right, hahaha ....I didn't realize I messed up the words too.