September 08, 2008

Beer girls

Two evenings ago I went to the upgraded food centre at Smith Street, Chinatown, and walked around the place to have a look. I have been there just after the upgrading but didn't walk around.

It was quite warm. No rain today. There were quite a lot of people. A few stalls I used to patronize are still there. The lady boss at Heng Kee still remembers me although I really didn't eat there often.

At one section there were groups of men drinking beer at several tables. A few already have several empty beer bottles on their tables. It reminded me of something interesting.

It was before the upgrading. I was having dinner with a friend at a stall. At a table nearby some men were drinking beer and having food.
One middle-age dark-skin man was smoking and later he let the cigarette butt drop onto the floor.

I happened to be looking in that direction and saw it, but I was not thinking about littering. Maybe I looked at him one second too long. A surprising thing happened.

After hesitating for a second or two, he picked up the butt and put it on a plate on the table. Unexpected, right?

Later we had a good laugh. Hahaha! Maybe he has been fined before and he thought I was an officer from the Environment Ministry.

Ops! Nothing about beer girls yet, wait you say my title misleading ... Well, I also saw two beer girls serving beer at the tables but they were not the young sexy type.

Old Picture
Movie and opera stars of yesteryears - can you recognize any of them ...


Victor said...

Erm, maybe you looked very fierce so he got no choice but picked up his litter.

Your title is still misleading - what has Cheong Ying got to do with beer girls? Haha.

Anonymous said...

Cheong Ying drank beer too, so he often went to beer houses ... so you see, got connection, Hahahah