August 05, 2009

Simple dishes

As you are aware, there are many food blogs by Singaporeans. In recent weeks I have been looking at some of them, not those that tell you where you can eat the best this and that but those that tell you how to cook.

I look at posts about easy-to-cook food. The seafood noodle in one of the posts below is an example. Here is another one. Can you see the things in the dish?

Well, it is chicken meat fried with cashew nuts. I first ate this dish in a restaurant in Bangkok. That time we had this dish not really for dinner but to go along with beer.


More than one year ago I posted this quiz question :
What horse (ma) nobody dares to ride and which is served by many people?
(Don't forget, this question is in Chinese and the answer is also in Chinese. Otherwise there is no meaning.)

Remember the answer ..... Fu Ma (驸马) or prince-consort

But if you ask the question now, I think there are two answers. The other one is Obama (奥巴马)

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Victor said...

I think got 3 answers. The 3rd one being Osama.