November 03, 2009

another show

The local cantonese opera scene is quite vibrant. Throughout the year there are performances by various troupes and groups from the community clubs, associations and other organizations. Sometimes there are several shows on one weekend.

These shows also serve a social objective. Opera fans can socialize and gossip on these occasions.

I went to watch another show last week.
Here are two of the items:

1. This dan is very tall, taller than her partner by one head. It was ok here because they were acting mother and son.

蓮花身哪吒会母 - 李丽金, 叶宝珠

2. An excerpt about a female ghost appearing in human form before her husband to test whether he still loved her.
Her husband had forsaken her and was going to marry the daughter of someone of wealth and influence.

情探 - 龔耀祥, 梁秀芳

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