November 21, 2009


This is Cheng Weng Mui, the lead dan at the street opera at Chinatown ...

This is Long Koon Tin, the lead sheng

Collecting donations on one of the charity songs nights. The man in the blue shirt is Long Koon Tin.

This dan does miscellaneous minor roles. There is another picture of her with make-up (also collecting donations) at the third post below this.

三皇五帝慈善演唱会 - 去國歸降(小段)

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Anonymous said...

I wish Mr. Wong Wai Kuan and Soh Choon Mui will come to Washington Dc state of Maryland USA east coast to do 3 nights performances for the opera fans.

How is (hua dan) (jeong mun tuin) doing now? I did not see her on tv and Any performances for now on.