November 08, 2009

wanton mee

Occasionally I went to eat wanton mee at Koung's when it was at Lorong 13 (near Geylang Road). I usually went in the mid-afternoon and each time I had to wait for about 20 minutes.

A few months ago Koung moved to Lorong 21A, junction with Sims Avenue. Last week I went to its new location for the first time. It was also mid-afternoon and I also had to wait. However, I only waited for 2 or 3 minutes for the cook to prepare my mee. There was only one other customer at a table eating the wanton mee. When I left there were no more customers.

It was in sharp contrast to its Lorong 13 scene. There were no crowded tables. There was no chattering. I cannot judge just by one visit. But it looks like business has dropped.

One reason could be that many regular customers still do not know its new address. I think another reason has to do with its location. It is less convenient and it is not inside the main food zone in Geylang.

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Anonymous said...

In the past, I used to pratonise the noodle stall quiet regulary. The taste is diffeent from others and the portion is just right. I was then paying about $2 or more for a plate when it was operating in the coffeeshop at Lor 12. But when it had shifted to Lor 13 the price had steadily increased from $2+ to $3.50 at Lor 13 and now at Lor 21A. I think the taste and standard had dropped since then. I also agree with the comment by Fr that many customers still do not know its new address. This could be the reasons why fewer customers are seen eating there.