November 17, 2009

九天玄女 Fairy from Ninth Heaven

by the ECHO Troupe on 14 November 2009 at the Lee Foundation Theatre

The lead artistes - Chan Fook Hong and Wong Mei Ling

A group photo with the guests.

The Guest-of-Honour was Mr Zainul Abidin Rasheed. When he was invited to give a 'speech', he said jokingly 'still want speech, so late'. Then he greeted the audience with "Da Jia Hao" in Cantonese and received a warm applause. People always find it endearing when a non-Chinese VIP or celebrity greets a Chinese audience in a Chinese dialect.

He was late and apologized. He explained that he had to attend the reception for Obama at the APEC meeting. Then he said a few words to encourage the troupe. It took just about 2 minutes. It was considerate of him.
After that he gave out some souvenirs.


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