April 29, 2010

鳳燭燒殘淚未幹 - 鄧志駒

kid's photo

Found this kid's photo. How does he look like when he grew up? He is the man in the two pictures below. Do you see any likeness?


CC said...

Thanks Frannxis.

Excellent NanYin and good acting.

I saw this in your previous YouTube, but was removed later. Good that can hear it again now.

BTW, the actor in the picture is Shi Jian. No prize for that. Everybody knows but not when he was a kid.

jc said...

Thanks for all the wonderful videos, Francis.

The kid Shi Jian has the same familiar serious angry look as the older version! Can 'actually feel' the anger

Lam Chun See said...

Yes. I can see the resemblance.