August 10, 2010

Sum Sum

Sum Sum is a Hong Kong singer. I don't know much about her but I don't think she did opera. I think her peak years were the 70s or 80s. I have 2 of her songs at YouTube. Here are some of the comments by her fans. The first 3 are by the same person. You can see how passionate he/she is about his/her idol. Many older folks are very loyal to their idols. They support them for decades.

(1a) I love Sum Sum"s consisting attitude of faithfully to the original theme of the cantonese song. I love her quality, her enthusiasm, her conservative and characteristic consistence.IShe's my dream woman,I love her timeless. I am glad at this time we both are living, breathing, thinking,learn to knowing and enjoying the gift of life.

(1b) Sum Sum contributed her valuable sensational voice to this performing. This might be the classic cantonese love song. Many female singer had did their version,but none of it is to be compared to Sum Sum's version.She did concerns,sang perfectly to release the complicated feminine feelings.Anxiety with cares, worry with hopes,honour and cherish,sorrow,warm and emotional leaning. She did it so good, easily catch your heart and melt your soul, The romance is always there.

(1c) This is a very pleasant and elegant vedio, Sum Sum must be in a good mood, she was singing comfortably, cheerfully and happily. She is infinitely beautiful. She expressed the extraodinary charmings , tender emotions and temptation of femininity. Especially at 2.50 even miss Jing Ting was"' tooken " .at this climax . I always think of Sum Sum, I love her forever. 2010 july p.s. In this video, you can almost heard Sum Sum saying: This is me--------SUM SUM

2. Those in their 50s should remember how beautiful SUM SUM was in the early 1970s.

3. Sum Sum: one of the most beautiful and loveliest singers. I was in love with her.

4. Sum Sum has a very soft and sweet voice. She is singing gracefully!

5. A beautiful song sung by a beautiful singer. Sum Sum is ageless.  Can you please include the lyrics so I can sing along?

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