August 17, 2010

weightlifting - YOG

In recent days I was watching some of the live coverage of the first Youth Olympic Games held in our Country. It was entertaining.

Today I watched the woman's weighting. I know little about the sport except that the more weight you lift, the better you are. But it was interesting to see the participants from all over the globe. They came in various shape and size, colour and costume.

There were actions and emotions, determination and concentration and today there was also some drama. A young woman, unsuccessful in her third attempt at lifting a weight, was so devastated that she just fell backwards onto the floor and sobbed.

All of women have muscular arms and you could see their biceps quivering when they held up the weights. Many of them gave a loud scream or shout before they lifted the weights.
I wonder why.

The gold medalist is Deng Wei from China. I heard it is an Olympic record.

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