August 25, 2010

minding our own business

Some time ago there was an article saying that many people here like to whine in social networking sites and blogs but they don’t do anything.

I think people whine at those sites because their friends and followers will support them and some will whine about similar experiences. It gives them some satisfaction. They are happy because they feel they have done something. If they actually do something, it might make them unhappy.

What would happen to you if you tell a burly man to pick up the litter he has thrown or you tell a sullen hawker off for his rudeness?

The best you can hope for is they apologize. More likely, you get nasty stares or scolded with obscenities in front of many people. Worst, you get a black eye or some hot soup splashed on your pants. Then you have to take further action.

This could a reason why people don’t do something. However, if someone takes the lead and does something, I think others would support him.

I guess some other whiners are not really serious about what they whine about. Those who are serious probably would have contacted the authorities or even visited a police station to tell them of their concerns.

“A branch of the tree on the road outside my house is going to fall. How come no body doing anything?”

“Why the police don’t take action against this?”

"Why is there no street lights here?"

Frannxis is taking a break. There will be no new posts for about 2 weeks.

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