August 05, 2010


The FAIRPRICE supermarket near my house has recently started to operate 24h, so it needs more employees. I was there a few times after midnight and the only cashiers on duty were two young women from China. I asked one of them. She said she didn't mind the night shift.

I also noticed two other new employees who don't look local - one young Indian woman and another Asian woman. Later I found out that the Indian was a foreigner who married a Singaporean and the Asian woman is a Vietnamese whose husband is a Singaporean. Both of them are SC now.

I thought Singapore men marry foreign women to keep them at home to be housewives?

Occasionally the pubic read in the papers stories of badly-behaved pupils. In reality such incidents are not uncommon. Pity teachers who have to face rude and unmotivated pupils every day, year after year.

If you ask the discipline masters of secondary schools whether caning of pupils should be abolished, I think most will say no. Not that they like to cane pupils but they want it to be an option. It is a deterrent. Actually schools very rarely do that and if they do, it is done most reluctantly.

Counselling? For some pupils, counselling alone doesn't work. 'Some pupils know what counsellors want and put up a show for them. There are pupils who only listen to the cane.
' one DM said.


Victor said...

I read "pubic read". Haha.

Miko said...

i read pubic too! LOL, anyway i think only foreign workers are more willing to work in such night shifts.

fr said...

Nothing wrong with your eyes, it is pubic but it is not the intended word. I didn't notice the error earlier.

Hahaha, but I wasn't thinking of anything pubic.

yg said...

that is victor's area of interest...i mean looking for mis-spelt words.