September 08, 2010

Hong Kong snippets

This scissors (see picture below) was in my wallet which was in a pocket at the front of my trousers. But, the scissors was not detected by the security screenings at the Hong Kong Airport. If not, I think they wouldn't let me take it into the plane.

It was not intentional; I forgot to put it in the check-in luggage.

This yellow box (see picture below) can be found on the posts of some traffic lights in HK. I only noticed it after Miko mentioned it in a post in her blog some time ago. What do you think the box is for? ( I will tell you in another post.)

I saw a woman, probably a tourist, tapped on it and when nothing happened, she pressed it and then squeezed it. Still nothing happened.

Here is a Then and Now. This is from the Tiger Airways Magazine (Sep-Oct 2010).

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