July 24, 2011

I am Cai Shen Ye.

I have a long-time friend who treats me as if I were his Cai Shen Ye. We do not contact each other often. But when we do, one question he invariably asks is " Any number?"

You see, once I gave him a 4D number and he got a sum of money from it. He also said that whenever I accompanied him to the casinos when we were in Macau, he always won some money in the end.


Do you look at the obituaries in the papers everyday? I don't; I just don't have this habit. I also don't look at things like job vacancies or houses for sale.

I was chatting with another long-time friend. He told me that a principal of our former secondary school had died. I said I didn't know because I don't look at the obituaries. He said he looks at them everyday to see whether anyone he knows has died. At first I thought it sounded a bit weird but later I thought it is really nothing weird. Probably he has been doing this for a long time and it has become a habit.

We are slaves to our habits whether they are gambling, exercising or some daily activities.

There is a blog called Singapore Obituaries. The picture above is taken from it.

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