July 01, 2011

Opera at Hougang

I have never been to this place before. That night I decided to go and take a look. It was at Hougang Avenue 5. I think this site is not suitable for Chinese opera shows.

The small stage was just about a metre or two from the end of a block of flats. The ground floor is void. The corner flat at level 2 was the nearest to the stage. The occupants could enjoy listening to the show from start to finish without leaving their flat or they would be annoyed by the loud music and singing for about 3 hours, depending whether they like Cantonese opera or not.

I heard that during a night show in a previous year there were complaints and the show had to stop before it could end. It seems that at that time there were 2 shows - one customary one to ask the gods for blessing, followed by The Patriotic Princess which is a long opera.

It was the last night and there was a dinner with more than a dozen tables. There were also auctions of auspicious things. So about 90% of the place was used for these activities.

As a result, people watching the opera show were confined to the small area in front of the stage. And several metres from the stage were trees blocking the view of the stage.

The leading sheng and dan were 任丹楓 and 紫令秋.

The show ended at about 10.40pm.

This is 任丹楓 as 沉香 .....

沉香大戰二郎神 .....

團圓 .....

By the way, the sheng and dan have a site here: http://hk.myblog.yahoo.com/pm-co/

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