January 15, 2012

An honest man

Recently I wanted to withdraw $500 from an OCBC ATM. It was before the theft from DBS ATM scare. I inserted the card into the slot, went through the steps and waited. Soon, the card came out. I took it and waited .. waited ... How come no money come out? I didn't know how many seconds, but my feeling was that it was longer than the usual time I had waited in the past.

So I thought that the machine was malfunctioning. I decided to walk further up where there was a branch of the Bank to enquire.

After walking several steps I heard a voice calling from behind.

A middle-aged rotund man was pointing to the ATM and muttered something about money.

I hurried back to the ATM and found that money had come out from the ATM. I counted it - 10 50-dollar notes. They were my money.

The man said he just happened to be around and saw what I was doing.

I felt happy and indeed appreciated his honesty. Otherwise I would have lost $500. I thanked him and offered him $10 for lunch as it was around lunch time.

He declined my offer.


Ivan Chew said...

Nice to read of honest and civic minded people. Thanks for this.

bayi said...

It's great to know that honesty is still found in people. :)